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Private in no way endorses or ensures the quality of the businesses and/or individuals represented in the bartender service directory or any part of this website.  Our mission is instead to be a resource for private bartenders and caterers in order to better assist the customer in finding a service provider, while at the same time allowing the service provider to be more visible to the customer.  It is our recommendation that anyone interested in hiring a business or individual to handle bartending or any other aspect of their event or party do a thorough evaluation and interview to make sure you are hiring the business or individual that best fits the needs of you and your event.  Likewise, it is encouraged that you, the consumer, expect something of an interview in return from the service providers you hire.  This is a good representation of their experience and knowledge of how they work and the environments they work best in, helping avoid a misrepresentation of the quality of service they provide.  These things will help greatly reduce the chance of any mishaps or unpreparedness and give your event every opportunity to go off without a hitch.  Best of luck with your event!